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Rock-a-Buy Tribute Gifts

Rock a Buy Tribute GiftLove has no price, but food, shelter, medical care, and education do. Honor someone special, celebrate a special occasion or holiday, or cherish the memory of a loved one or friend with a Rock-a-Buy gift.

With more and more children coming to FANA for protection and care, the financial strain on FANA is growing. Project Rock-a-Buy is a way to make a donation that correlates with actual expenses at FANA. Please support us in helping FANA care for children who have nowhere else to go. Consider making a Rock-a-Buy donation in honor of someone. This is a great gift for loved ones. You will be given the option to send a card to the honoree.

FANA costs*



Diapers for one infant or toddler:



Medicine for one infant or toddler:



Food and hygiene for one infant or toddler:



School tuition:



Medical care for one infant or toddler:



Therapy for Disabled Child:



*Approximate cost in US dollars





** All donations go into a general fund for FANA. Project Rock-a-Buy serves to show you the tangible ways your money may be used.