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El Hogar Marguerite d’Youville 

Mercedes de Martinez, the founder of FANA, has always wanted to provide support and comfort to distressed mothers. In 1979, she founded the Marguerite d’Youville home, and thereby satisfied her yearning to assist young mothers in need. The name of this home recalls the presence of the Grey Sisters of Charity at the heart of FANA for it evokes the memory of their foundress, the blessed Marguerite d’Youville who consecrated her life to young mothers in need.

The Marguerite d’Youville home welcomes young women in troubled pregnancies. Approximately 70% of these very young women between the ages of 14 and 28 are originally from Bogotá. Without any professional training, and frequently even without official identity cards, they arrive at the home after having been counseled by a friend, by Bienestar, or after having heard about this miraculous place in the media. This address is often the only lifesaver for these young women. Desperate, rejected by their families or unwilling to advise their families of their situation, these young women no longer know where to turn.

Once admitted into the home, these young women will find a regular rhythm to their life. Classes are taught at the Hogar. These young women will follow courses to learn not only to read and write, but also to cook and sew. As for the daily routine, each of them will take turns to be responsible for the cooking of nutritious meals and the cleaning. Once again, these young women will be guided and helped by a leader who supervises the overall functioning of the house and by a social worker. On-going prenatal care is given, while plans for their child’s future are discussed in small group and personal settings.

A stay at the Hogar Marguerite d’Youville is non-contingent upon placing a child for adoption through FANA.